Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Meditation, lucid dreaming, and a new hobby

Let's start with the fun stuff: my new hobby! It's cross stitching! Much like ladies of yore, I have nothing but time on my small-but-nimble hands, with which I can sit and decoratively thread a needle in and out of fabric for hours at a time. When I found a little kit from DOIY Design at a gift shop in Lyon, I knew I had to try it out. Behold, my first cross stitch project!
#coastlife #lobster
Yes, you are correct, the tail is messed up because I somehow started the thread wrong on that part. I couldn't even replicate what I did, so I'm really at a loss to explain it. After that it went much better, and I bought more fabric so I can make a couple other designs. In fact, after a bit of research, it seems like cross stitch is kind of cool again. Check out Subversive Cross Stitch for tons of info, tools, cool patterns and kits, and if you want to read about making your own pattern, this article at Jezebel goes through the process (warning: both links are NSFW!). All I want to do now is make cross stitch pillows. #newproblems

Meditation is still on my daily to-do list, but to be honest, it's not going great. I don't blame Habit Bull for not keeping me accountable, either; it's just surprisingly difficult to get myself to sit quietly and focus on my breath for 10 minutes every day. Which is dumb, cause really, but just like any other homework I give myself, I struggle to make myself do it.
I don't know what happened last week, but yikes....38.2% is weak
HOWEVER, I think the meditation has actually been paying off, even as infrequently as I do it. Why do I think this? Because I've had some progress in lucid dreaming lately, which is super exciting.

So far, I can remember becoming lucid in 3 dreams in the past month or so. During each of these dreams, there came a moment when I realized, "Hey, I'm dreaming!", which is the first step to a fully lucid dream. Super cool!! The problem is that once I realize I'm dreaming, I try to change the dream, and that hasn't worked out well so far. For example, in the last dream, I was working in an office with a team of FBI agents when I suddenly realized I was dreaming. I wanted to fly and explore my dream world, so I closed my eyes, and I started to float up and (I was hoping) out of the building. But before I could go anywhere, one of my dream characters grabbed me and pulled me down, and told me to get back to work! The rest of the dream I was sitting at a computer, trying to solve the same problem over and over. Now what does THAT mean? *paging Dr. Freud*

Even though it's still a learning process, I have to believe that my work with meditation has helped open a doorway to my subconscious and increased my awareness, but clearly, I have a ways to go before I can fly to Norway and dance with a herd of reindeer underneath the Northern Lights. Or whatever I feel like doing when I finally break through.

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