Wednesday, April 8, 2015

It's the little things

I've been back in Lyon now for 2 1/2 weeks since my visit to Minnesota in March, and I've realized the silliest thing: I miss drip coffee. Seriously, out of everything I had in my house, that's what I find myself missing the most.

TV? I can stream most of the shows I like on my computer. Speaking English? It's a biggie, but I speak it at home and with my friends at school, and I'm hardly out chatting with natives all day. My truck? She would be impossible to park anywhere here. Nope, it's good old-fashioned drip coffee, and I think I know why it stings so much.

Making coffee was a ritual every morning: first, turn on the kettle; next, get out a mug, a filter, and my single-cup filter holder; then choose a coffee (so many options!! vanilla, hazelnut, pumpkin pie, cinnamon bun...the list goes on for days); then, once the water was ready, wait for the magic to happen before sitting down with a steaming mug of delicious coffee.
WHY oh WHY did I not bring this with me?!
I still have coffee over here, of course, but it's a very different experience. Now there is a machine that does everything for me; all I do is place a little coffee pad in the jowls of the coffee maker and press two buttons. The entire process takes about a minute and a half, if that long, and for some reason, I don't appreciate the speed at all. Not to mention that now I drink my coffee unflavored (aside from "black coffee" flavor, that is) in tiny espresso cups.
My new frenemy
So it turns out that it really is the little things that have started creeping up on me. I certainly wasn't expecting my morning coffee to be an issue. If anyone wants to send me a filter holder and a pound of ground coffee (anything flavored - it can be on clearance at Target for all I care), don't hesitate!

Do I look like I should be drinking out of a cup this dainty?

UPDATE: Look what Alex brought home last night! Along with a pack of filters! I ordered some chocolate truffle-flavored ground coffee on and it should arrive sometime next week. :-)
Look at that steaming mug of joe...I can't wait!

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