Monday, August 25, 2014

I'm a quitter and a quilter

So I couldn't post this until the quilt was delivered to the giftee, since it was a surprise, but here it is! I MADE A QUILT. Like, what?! Clearly early retirement is aging me, and quickly. The thing was, even though it was a ton of work (and it's pretty wonky in spots - it's hard to sew in a perfectly straight line), I enjoyed the process and am very proud of the results!

I made this using the Quick Triangles Baby Quilt tutorial, and learned how to bind the edges with a tutorial at I hand-sewed my niece's initials to the top before quilting the top, batting, and backing fabric together. As much as I complained about how much work it was, I would totally do it again! Not tomorrow, mind you, but sometime...

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