Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Conned by the rom coms

Why do I feel like the only way a man can prove his love and commitment is to want to have children? Oh yeah, probably because of every romantic comedy I've ever seen. It's a pretty twisted yardstick to measure a relationship by, even the more so for me, since my relationship history proves me thoroughly unlovable by this methodology. The unfortunate thing is that as I've gotten older and my maternal drive has kicked out of first gear, I've started feeling like a bit of a loser. Out of all the great (and terrible) guys I've dated, none of them ever confessed their love to me by saying, "I want to have kids with you." And that makes me feel shitty. I feel stupid for feeling this way at the same time, so it's a super fun double whammy of emotional shame.

So thank you, romantic comedies, for making me feel like a pathetic, unloved, never-a-leading-lady fool who will either settle for less than she wants or end up alone in a house of guinea pigs and garbage. Yay me!

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