Saturday, January 18, 2014

What have dolphins ever done to you?!

It's already time for an angry post. What the fuck is going on in Japan, herding and capturing a bunch of dolphins, many of whom will then be killed?

Albino dolphin captured

This makes me SO mad. I don't care what kind of cultural heritage you claim makes it okay - and I also don't care if you think I'm "culturally insensitive." If this quote doesn't make you question the morality of what is going on, there is no hope for you:

"The calf was removed in a sling that was dragged through the water alongside a small boat.
Prior to this, it had been clinging closely to its mother in the collection pen."
This innocent albino calf was swimming along with its pod, when suddenly they were all penned into a cove, stalked, and then this little guy was taken from its mother. It's fucking sick.

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