Monday, January 20, 2014

New demographic: "Hipstie"

I think I've found the hot new demographic that all the advertisers will want to woo: the Hipsties. Half hipster and half hippie. Young-ish adults who listen to random music (the less-well-known the better), will buy/carry/wear anything bearing a mustache, and generally enjoy "throwback items" like Pabst, handmade bags, their great-grandparents' stuff, and dark rimmed glasses. However, these young-ish adults also want to rebel against the commercialism of the modern world, which is half the reason they like "vintage" things like vinyl records and wood carvings. That's the hippie part of the equation.

I will place myself into this newly created category. I have to consider myself a hipster, although I do NOT appreciate the mustache trend (it's already too "done" for me). However, there are several tell-tale signs that I am one of them: I create my own designs using my sewing machine as well as make stencil art in the basement; I eschewed a new townhome or condo and instead bought a charming old house (built in 1906); I own a record player and found some free records on someone's curb, which I took home exclaiming "how could anyone just throw these away!"; I clear snow the old-fashioned way (see previous posts); and I generally consider my taste unquestionably excellent. I could go on and on, but I think these examples speak for themselves. I also am somewhat leaning toward hippie tendencies, however, as I have recently discovered: I am a pescatarian (and I will probably stop eating seafood in the near future too) because I feel that eating animal meat is both hypocritical and bad for the environment; I joined a local co-op so that I could easily buy local, organic, and natural products while at the same time avoiding corporate behemoths; I'm researching how to make my own clothing detergent and cleaning solutions so that I can use natural products while "voting with my dollars" against the corpo-industrial-complex that runs so much of our society; and I am saving money to have solar panels installed at my house so that I can avoid using energy that comes from coal and nuclear power plants. Again, there are other examples, but I think these illustrate the mindset I carry well enough.

As a hipstie, I would summarize our qualities thusly:

  1. We care about the planet and local environment, and want to impact them as little as possible
  2. We want to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit (those PBR's notwithstanding - clearly spiritually valuable but perhaps not so much for the body or mind)
  3. We do not want to be part of or support the corporate/industrial complexes that currently reign in the society (media, agriculture, energy, etc.)
  4. We reject the consumerism and consumption patterns that have emerged since the 1940's
  5. We ignore the "mass"es - mass media, mass consumption - and embrace the "niche"s (e.g. local bands over American Idol, handmade goods over Walmart mass-produced items)
I'm sure there are more traits to be found, and when I realize I forgot one, I'll be sure to mention it. For now I think this is a pretty decent start. Behold, wonder of wonders, a new demographic has been born! Good luck, marketers! Mwahahahahaaa!

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  1. Are you sure you aren't just a dirty, pinko fellow-traveler?