Sunday, January 19, 2014

Die Wand des Schnees

I am now convinced that the reason Minneapolis is consistently ranked highly in health & fitness categories is because of all the damn snow clearing we have to do. I just did a 45 minute set of weight lifting (i.e. putting snow in piles via shovel), and I am exhausted. Since this is the only exercise I get - I don't think strolling with the dog counts since it's extremely low intensity - I suppose I should be grateful to live in this hellhole. Yes, we get -60F degree windchills, parking tickets in front of our own houses, and cabin fever the likes of which only Jack Torrance can understand; but at least we have the built-in workout of snow shoveling. Unless you're a lazy bastard who has a snowblower (a.k.a. not a cheap bastard, like me, that doesn't), or a creative but mentally questionable wierdo who uses a flamethrower (granted, he was in North Dakota, and here's his delightful quote).

All I'm saying is that I should probably be grateful for living in a state that "provides me the opportunity" to build a 6 foot high wall of snow just so that I can get in and out of my own garage. Thanks, MN!

The fruits of my labor

My dog is knee-high, so yes, that snow is higher than my head.

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